Monsters and Creatures

This Section is for the GM’s eyes only. In the following pages is presented a large selection of monsters varied enough for any GM to create and shape his fantasy world. If some creatures seem to have been left out, it is only a moment’s work for the GM to incorporate those into his campaign should he wish. Similarly, just because a monster is included is no reason to throw it at your players willy-nilly!

Monster Abilities

Each of the monster descriptions below is preceded by a block containing the monster’s vital statistics, many of which are similar to the player characters’.

The monster’s movement rate is given in feet per turn. Alignments are listed; most unintelligent beasts are considered neutral as they have no concept of law and chaos, good or evil. The hit dice entry shows many 6-sided dice to roll for the monster’s hit points. Attacks details how many times the monster can attack per round, and how it will do it. Armor Class is listed to assist the Game Master in combat. Note however that AC does not necessarily mean the monster is wearing armor. It could reflect their naturally tough skin or other defenses. Damage shows what dice to roll for each of the monster’s attacks. Finally, treasure indicates which row of the treasure table to use when it comes to getting to the point of fighting all these monsters – loot!

Monster & Creature List*

* more monsters may be added from other sources, but this list includes all creatures listed in the main book


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