• Move: 180’/turn (fly 180’/turn in bat form)
  • Alignment: Lawful evil
  • Hit Dice: 7-9
  • Attacks: 1 touch
  • Armor Class: 2
  • Damage: 1-10
  • Treasure Type: Special

Vampires are powerful undead creatures of the night. Legends whisper of the original vampire of sin, Cain, the first vampire cursed to walk the lands as undead. All bitten by Cain inherited some of his power, but the blood thinned out over the eons.

A vampire attack also drains 2 levels from the victim, but a Save vs. Death reduces it to 1 level. The vampire can charm his target by looking into their eyes (Save vs. Spells at –2).

Vampires may only be hit by magical weapons. They also regenerate hit points immediately upon being hit at a rate of 3 per turn. They can assume bat form or assume a gaseous shape at will, taking 1 round to make the change. They can also summon 10d10 rats or 3d6 wolves to their aid, taking 2d10 rounds to arrive.

If a vampire’s hit points are reduced to zero, it merely assumes its gaseous form and escapes the scene. It will withdraw immediately if confronted with garlic, a mirror, or a holy symbol, presented firmly and with conviction. Vampires can only be permanently killed if pierced through the heart with a sharp wooden object, exposed to direct sunlight, or immersed in running water.

Anyone killed by a vampire becomes a lesser vampire under the control of their slayer. Thus, it is possible for vampires to be former Fighting Men, Magic-Users or Thieves; only rarely will an ex-Cleric vampire be encountered.


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