• Move: 120’/turn
  • Alignment: See below
  • Hit Dice: 1
  • Attacks: 1 weapon
  • Armor Class: Varies
  • Damage: 1-6
  • Treasure Type: A

Bandits can be of any race or class and are mostly of evil alignment. Normally bandits will travel in groups of 5 to 30 (5d6) depending on the area and how organized they are.

Bandits will wear anything they can find for protection and carry anything they can use as a weapon. The GM will decide before the encounter how the bandits are equipped to determine their AC and attacks.

The only real goal of bandits is to collect as much loot as they can while avoiding the authorities. They have no real pattern to their raids, just attacking when they feel the need. Bandits are also very cunning and often set up traps on traveled paths, such as a “woman” in distress who will lure in unsuspecting good-hearted men only for the outlaws to rob and kill them. Large groups of bandits have been known to raid villages or small towns for food, water, and women.


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