Most potions are like magical spells in a bottle, but some may allow a character to do certain things even a spellcaster would not normally be able to do. They can be found to be magical by a detect magic spell or, if a character is brave enough, he can take a tiny sip to see what happens. Potions generally come in a small vial or flask intended to be quaffed in a single gulp, unless the GM decides otherwise. The duration may depend on the type of potion, but as a rule the GM will roll 1d8 to secretly determine how many turns the effects will last.

  • Diminution – The drinker will shrink to a height of 6” … only a couple of apples high.
  • Giant Strength – This potion will enable the user to go head to head with a stone giant, matching his strength and using the same attack table for attack, causing 3d6 points of damage with a successful blow.
  • Growth – Down this potion in one gulp and grow 30’ tall, or take half and grow to 15’.
  • Gaseous Form – The user’s physical body becomes gaseous and able pass through any barrier that is not airtight. All possessions immediately fall to the ground.
  • Poison – If drunk, a Save vs. Poison is required. If it is merely sipped, the GM may choose to hint at the potion being dangerous.
  • Fly – Allows the drinker to fly at will with just a thought, much like the spell, except the potion determines duration.
  • Invisibility – Same as invisibility spell, except the potion determines duration.
  • Haste – The character moves twice as fast, and doubles his normal number of attacks per round.
  • Delusion – This concoction makes the character believe he has taken whatever potion he thought it was, but nothing is really happening, except in his mind.
  • Healing – this elixir immediately heals 1d6+1 points of damage upon being consumed.


Other Potion Types

The GM can make up his own additional potion effects. They can be based on spells, or they can be something entirely new.


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