Attribute Checks

In combat or during roleplaying, you may be asked to roll an attribute challenge to determine their ability to respond to a number of conditions.

  • Can they escape the grapple of a monster? (Strength check)
  • Can they logic their way out of a problem? (Intelligence check)
  • Can they charm their way out of a situation? (Charisma check)

Most of the time you can roleplay your way through these without a die roll, but sometimes you just need to roll some dice!

To roll an attribute check, roll 4d6. If you roll a number below the statistic you are checking, you succeed. If not, you fail. For example, if you have a Strength of 15 and are attempting to get out of a monster’s grasp, you succeed if you roll a 12, but fail if you roll a 15 or greater.


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