Thief Skills

Thieves have a special set of talents that come in handy in their line of work. Each of these is percentage-based and will require a % roll (see the Thief Skills table) or a d6 roll in the case of Hear Noises.

  • Climb & Scale
  • Find/Disable Traps
  • Hide
  • Hear Noises*
  • Move Silently
  • Pick Locks
  • Pick Pockets

To succeed, the thief must roll a % roll against the target number for the skill at their current level. If they roll beneath the target number, they are successful.

In addition to these skills, the Thief has the ability to land a deadly blow from behind. When attempting to strike a target in the back, he receives a +4 bonus to hit and his rolled damage is doubled.

* Hear noises rolls are made on 1d6. The player must roll the target # or less to succeed.


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