The Mazes & Perils Compatibility Statement License (CSL)


  1. You must state on the first page where you mention M&P that “Mazes & Perils, M&P, and Wild Games Productions, LLC are the trademarks of Vincent Florio,” and that you are not affiliated with Vincent Florio or Wild Games Productions™.
  2. You must comply with the terms of the OGL if the terms apply.
  3. Your cover must include the words “House Rules” or “Variant Rules” near the title if the document is a full, free-standing game that includes modifications. Feel free to contact the author if you wish to use a different form of disclaimer.
  4. Selling a full version of this game with your house rules incorporated into it is perfectly permissible, but you may not sell an effectively unchanged copy of the rules for money.
  5. Your rights under this CSL cannot be revoked, and are perpetual, unless you breach the terms of the license, in which case your rights terminate.


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