Statistics/Ability Scores

Every character has six main ability scores:

Strength represents the character’s physical power and is most important to a fighter. It is the prime requisite for the Fighting Man and any character with a score of 13 or more in this ability should consider that class. If an average score for the average person is needed, the range is 9 to 12.

Intelligence represents the character’s brains or intellect. It is the prime requisite for the Magic-User. Magic-users with an Intelligence of 13 or higher have advantages which are explained later on. The higher the Intelligence, the more languages the character can learn.

Wisdom represents the character’s street smarts — the ability to pick up on things and make sense of what is going on. Clerics use Wisdom as their prime requisite.

Constitution represents the character’s health and endurance. It shows how well he can stand up to a beating and how much poison he can withstand before passing out.

Dexterity represents how quickly the character moves physically and reacts to the situations presented to him. Characters with high Dexterity are the ones who manage to throw that dagger first or get that backstab in before anyone else can move. Dexterity is important for the Thief and is his prime requisite.

Charisma is the way the character conducts himself around others, the way he talks, the way he looks, and his sex appeal. Good leaders are said to have great Charisma when convincing others to do their bidding. Characters with a Charisma of 12 or less can have no more than 5 followers, and those followers will more than likely be wishy-washy about taking orders.

Prime Requisite Ability Score

If a character’s Prime Requisite ability score is particularly low, they will be a bit slower to gain in power and experience. But if they have a particularly high value, they will gain such more quickly.

Prime Requisite Ability Score

6 or less





Experience Modifier

Subtract 10%

Subtract 5%


Add 5%

Add 10%


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