Publishing Your Own M&P Materials

Publishing Your Own M&P Materials

MAZES & PERILS is all Open Game Content under the terms of Wizards of the Coast’s Open Game License version 1.0a, with the exception of artwork and the trademarks “Wild Games Productions, LLC,” “Mazes & Perils,” “M&P,”

What does it mean that this game is Open Game Content?

It means you can basically pull the book apart, use what you need and leave the rest, add your own stuff, move things around to your liking, and publish it. Still, you must follow the guidelines set forth in the Open Gaming License.

You can use the Mazes & Perils trademarks (M&P and Mazes & Perils) to only say that your work is compatible with the game. The cover of your product must clearly state, “[Product Name] is compatible with the Core Rules of Mazes & Perils” or must say, “For use with the Mazes & Perils system”.

Here are those requirements in detail:


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