Poison, FIre, and Holy Water

Poison, Fire, and Holy Water

If a character is hit by an edged weapon that is coated with or injects poison, he must make a saving throw against poison or paralysis. If he fails, he will take additional poison damage equal to the damage of the attack. For example, if a Fighting Man is attacked and bitten by a large poisonous snake for 4 points of physical damage, and he fails his saving throw, he takes an additional 4 points of poison damage. Poison damage takes effect in the round after the attack.

A character can avoid the poison damage if a Cleric immediately casts a Neutralize Poison spell, or if a Neutralize Poison potion is at hand.

Flasks of oil can be thrown as missile weapons or used to douse opponents. The latter requires a melee attack roll to be made. The character either can light the oil first and then toss it over a creature, or spill the oil on the ground and light it with a torch.

Only skeletons, zombies, and ghouls suffer full damage from normal fire; wights and mummies take only half damage and wraiths and spectres are unaffected.

The effects of a vial of holy water on the undead are the equivalent of a flask of burning oil on other creatures. Other monsters are not affected by holy water.


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