Open Doors

Almost everywhere in a dungeon the characters will come across doors, and these doors are more than likely closed, stuck, or even locked. This means a character has to spend time picking the lock or jarring the door open.

To pick a lock, a Thief can roll % dice against their “Pick Locks” skill. If they roll beneath the target number for their level, they are successful.

Forcing open a door requires an “Open Doors” check on a d6. The player must roll against the Strength table in the Character Creation chapter and get the target number or less to budge the door. If the door is locked, a Thief can step up and apply his skills to picking the lock. Once a door is opened it will remain open, unless it is later closed by someone else.

Each character only gets one chance to perform either of these tasks. If they fail, that door is simply too wedged to push open or the lock is too difficult (or too corroded) to pick.


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