Light and Vision

Certain races, such as elves and dwarves, can see up to 60’ in the dark. Other races, including humans and halflings, need an artificial light source or they will be severely hampered. Luckily a little illumination can be gained from magical swords and staves, but that may not be enough and a party will usually need a torch or a good lantern.

Torches generally burn up to 6 turns (60 minutes), but a flask of oil in a lantern can last up to 24 turns (4 hours). Either allows the character holding it to see up to 30’ in all directions. Certain “bulls-eye” lanterns will cast a special beam of light, which is only 10’ wide but shines out to 120’. Bulls-eye lanterns are rare and often custom made, so are not commonly found at the general store.

A party of characters also needs to be careful with their light sources at night or underground as they will attract unwanted attention.


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