Coins, Gems, and Jewelry

Coins, Gems, and Jewelry

The standard coin conversion rates are as follow, but of course a GM can play around with this and make it different for their campaign worlds:

  • 5 Copper Pieces = 1 Silver Piece
  • 5 Silver Pieces = 1 Electrum Piece
  • 2 Electrum Pieces = 1 Gold Piece
  • 5 Gold Pieces = 1 Platinum Piece

All coins are roughly the same size and weight.

Gem Values

The base value of each gem is determined by rolling a d% to generate a number from 01-00 on the table below. Of course, this chart is just a guideline; the GM can decide the value of any gems that are found.







Base Value

10 gp

40 gp

110 gp

600 gp

2,000 gp

Jewelry Values

Jewelry is worth from 300 to 1,800 gp per item (roll 3d6 and multiply by 100). The GM will have to decide whether the value decreases due to wear and tear or if it was damaged in the heat
of battle.


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