Additional Character Information

The Hopeless Character

The idea that a player will roll up a “hopeless character” has become a common misconception in the history of the game because there is no such thing as a hopeless character!

Some players will be dissatisfied because the ability scores of his character are not exceptional. Sometimes luck decides that a character will appear who is below average in one or more abilities, perhaps even in all of them. If a player does not think he can role play a character with such abilities, he should seek the advice of the other players in the group for ideas on how to make the character work.

The GM and the other players should try to encourage the player character to give it a chance before creating a new one. Some of the greatest heroes of history were not the strongest, fastest, or smartest of folk, but persevered nonetheless. If all else fails, the GM can, at his discretion, allow a player to roll up a new character. There is, however, enough random chance in dungeon encounters that even a “hopeless” character can survive and advance to a position of importance.

Playing Multiple Characters

Normally the GM only allows one character per player, though he may sometimes allow certain players to control two characters at once. This is up to the GM to allow such a thing if he feels his
players can handle it.

Death of a Character

If a character is killed, then the player must roll up a new character for the next game unless the Game Master allows the character to somehow come back to life through magic or divine intervention of some sort.

Normally, when a character has died, the party has the right to split up his belongs among the party, unless the character made up some sort of last testament for just such an emergency. It still is up to the other characters whether they will honor this will or not. The rules of the game assume that players are of good nature and that, when a comrade falls in battle, the other characters will return his remains to his family unless of course the body is lost or destroyed in some way.

There is a chance that a deceased character can be brought back to life, but it is no easy task. His comrades must seek out a 7th level cleric who is willing to perform the ritual of raising the dead character. Normally NPCs of such level will ask for a substantial donation in advance, or they may ask the characters to resolve an important issue they are having at that time.

Even if a character has risen from his death, he cannot go about his way as normal. He has to rest in bed for two weeks, gaining 1-3 hit points per day until fully recovered.

That said, characters can sometimes find other means to return one of their compatriots to the living, such as magical items.

Starting Gold

Before play, each player will roll 3d6 and multiply the result by 10. This will produce a range of 30 to 180 gold pieces. With this starting gold they must equip their character for the world the GM has designed for them.


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