• Move: 90’/turn
  • Alignment: Lawful evil
  • Hit Dice: 4
  • Attacks: Varies
  • Armor Class: 8
  • Damage: Varies
  • Treasure Type: F

Common and classical species have a petrifying gaze that can turn anyone or anything looking upon them to stone. They can be looked at in a mirror without harm, and if they see their own
gaze reflected, they will turn to stone.

Common medusas have the lower body of a snake and are usually found among ruins of temples dedicated to snake worship. These often employ bows and fire deadly poisoned arrows. They are not pleasant to look upon, with facial features that are crone-like and wicked.

The classical medusa has the body of a beautiful woman. And, except for the writhing snakes on her head in place of hair, they are not a disagreeable sight to behold. Many men have been lured to a stony purgatory by this appealing bodily form. Alternatively, if a victim is lured close enough, the snakes upon her head will strike; the bites are poisonous and require a Save vs. Poison or the
PC will die.

The rarest of the medusa is the gorgon. This mutation has 6 arms, 3 on each side of her torso. A gorgon can wield a sword in each hand, giving it 1 to 6 attacks per melee round. Fortunately, though
she also has poisonous snakes for hair, she does not possess the gaze that turns men to stone. She does, nonetheless, love the taste of man-flesh, and eats all males she kills.


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