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About: The Brainstorm Think Tank Podcast, a podcast in a 30 minutes or less format that is about Role-Playing Games, mostly focusing on Dungeons & Dragons. This podcast is edition neutral, and does not favor one over the other. Anything discussed on this podcast can be applied to all editions of Dungeons and Dragons or almost any Fantasy Game. The entire premise is to take an idea and brainstorm it out. The topics discussed on this show will be for DM/GM’s and even players, of all experience levels, from new to experienced. Our purpose or goal for this show is hopefully take a topic, talk about it in 30 minutes or less. Why 30 minutes or less you ask? Well we feel that is the right amount of time a person has to listen to a show. The format also encourages a listener to start thinking and hopefully stimulate their mind into working on their very own games.The ideas will be listener driven, so the more ideas the listeners give the more we have to talk about. Sometimes the cast will entertain ideas for other genres of games, such as modern or superhero style games.

Vincent Florio

vincentMain Duties: Executive Producer, Writer, Webmaster, Host and Audio recording.

Blogs: The Evil GM

Vincent is originally from Long Island NY, where he was a former Radio Personality, and now lives in the state of Texas, his voice may sound familiar as he has hosted various podcasts, such as Darker Days, RFI Podcast, D6 Radio, Save or Die and others. His DM’ing style is more on the fly, and enjoys the “just roll a D6 Method” to solve those annoying problems that come up in a game. Vince first became interested in D&D back in the ’80s when he first saw the D&D cartoon in 1983. After seeing the cartoon, he heard from a family member it was based on some “game” two guys dreamed up in their basement that became a “quick fad”. Soon after Vince got his hands on a very beat up copy of the Red box, where he played with his neighborhood friends, almost every day. As he grew up playing the game, he moved into other editions. As the game evolved so did Vince. Vince also took breaks to explore other games during the time and other editions of D&D. Currently Vince is playing in a D&D 5e campaign and running a Pathfinder game locally.

Glen Hallstrom

Main Duties: Co-host and funny man

Blogs: Too Much Johnson

Glen, a dyed-in-the-wool Angelino who for some reason is in Oklahoma, started roleplaying back in 1980-81 with 1st Edition AD&D. Since then he has bounced around among many systems such and Champions and Call of Cthulhu. He always returns to the Classics, though. Having cut his teeth on AD&D, Basic was a bit foreign to him but he caught on fast and has embraced his Inner Grognard. Glen played D&D 3.5e for many years, but always found himself going back to the earlier editions of D&D as his games of choice.


 Erik Tenkar

Main Duties: Co-host and writer

Blogs: Tenkar’s Tavern

Erik is a jack of all trades. He was born and raised in the NYC area, Erik is a lifelong New Yorker. He was indroduced to Roleplaying in 1980, when a friend ran him through a dungeon stocked with skeletons using only the AD&D DMG. At the end of the session a phone call was made to yet another friend to see if Erik’s fighter had leveled. He’s been an avid gamer ever since. Erik has played many games from “old school” to “new school” and tries to keep an open mind about all games when considering them to play. Here’s a helpful tip, want to know about an awesome or really bad kickstarter? Check out his blog, he always seems to have the first word on the inside scoop of a new one!

Timothy Connolly

Main Duties: Staff Writer

Timothy lives on Long Island NY, where his 1e AD&D journey first began in 1978. His tenure as the DM at Ye Olde Empire Gaming Shoppe propelled Timothy to stardom. His home-brewed sandbox for 1e AD&D gameplay (Benchleydale And Beyond), co-created with Luke Gygax and Keith Baker, includes more than fifty classic TSR and Judges Guild adventure modules from the ‘70s and ‘80s. Today, Timothy is the DM at Farmingdale Public Library, where he also hosts hobby-oriented Art Nights for the community. Timothy writes for both Gygax Magazine and & Magazine.


Sal Valente

Main Duties: Co-Host

Originally from Queens, NY and then becoming a Jersey fella all before becoming a proud PA resident.Sal was an alpha nerd from back in the day when he was on the road with various professional wrasslin’ promotions including Extreme Championship Wrestling, where he lead the F.B.I. (Full Blooded Italians) to Tag Team gold as Sal E. Graziano. He’s also done movies, tv shows and commercials as well as the voice and operator of PIGAMORTIS WREX a cohost for “Late Night at the Horror Hotel” webcast and local cable show. A Self admitted Star Wars nerd and true dork of all things Sci-fi, horror and fantasy, since he was a wee lad of 11 playing Red Box AD&D with friends and of course curiosity lead him to Gamma World and Marvel Superheroes. After traveling the roads of RIFTS, d6 Star Wars, TMNT, ROBOTECH, Warhammer Fantasy, 40k, ALL editions of D&D and various other RPGs, he has since returned to his love of all things OSRIC.