Volume 1 Issue 45 – Save That Item

RFI is back, busting out the hex maps, as we talk about how opponent adjacency during combat. We also discover, saving throws aren’t just for PCs when we discuss item saving throws. A Meelock pops out of its lair to torture us in our dreams in Creature Feature Theater, and Arlock the Wizard joins us […] Read More

Volume 1 Issue 44 – I’m a Monster! RARRR!

Issue 44 – I’m a Monster! RARRR! RFI returns this week and approaches the idea of monsters as PC classes. We also answer the ago old question of who would win a foot race between two player characters and a hippopotamus, when talking about chase rules. And Blackstone returns this week reviewing the final module […] Read More

I’ve Got a Crush on You

I’ve Got a Crush on You Hello again Dear Readers, I have something I would like to talk about before we get into the latest column.  As I mentioned last time I have been busy writing short stories in my spare time, well I have finally published the first two as an E-book. The book […] Read More

Death Became Them

Death Became Them Hello Dear Readers, It’s certainly been a while. Of late I have been writing a series of short stories I plan on publishing and that has taken up what little free time I have had during this time of year. For this article I present to you a short little adventure that […] Read More

Volume 1 Issue 43 – Honor Thy Options

RFI is back this week discussing the more optional aspect of 1st edition, when we talk about Honor and Comeliness. Also we reveal why the worst monster to be would be a hemophilic Firedrake. All of that, plus Paris Hilton’s Con score is in this weeks issue of Roll For Initiative. Intro – 0:00.000 Roll […] Read More