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August 16th, 2013 – Mazes & Perils walked away with the Gold Ennie award for “Best Free RPG”. Thank you to all who supported and voted for this product!







Mazes & Perils has been nominated for “Best Free RPG” in the 2013 Ennie Awards. Thank you to those that have decided to give this little free game a shot at an award. I am glad after working on this product, that it has seen many eyes, and some felt it should be in the running for the best free RPG. Wish it the best of luck, and good luck to the others involved for the voting. Voting starts July 22, 2013, please give it a chance and vote one for the OSR!



Dear Readers,

Wild Games Productions opens its (internet) doors in 2006, as a production company, for RPG production. Soon after WGP, became a podcast network for a bunch of podcasts. Since then, WGP has evolved to an audio production company, that helps produce podcasts, and OSR related material. All WGP related material either have an audio bumper on its broadcast or our company logo on its product. Our main goal is to get people looked at and heard, as well as help the OSR grow.


– Vincent Florio
WGP Founder
Executive Producer







Current Wildgames Produces the following podcasts and use the WGP bumper in their podcasts:

Roll For Initiative Podcast

Save or Die Podcast

Thac0’s Hammer

Spellburn Podcast

Critical Wits

WGP Presents: OSR Actual Play Podcasts

The Hivemind Podcast

Click on the click for each podcast’s website, or visit OSRGAMING’s Forum website to chat about the shows!

More soon! Want to join? Fill out the contact form with your ideas!