Random 2017 observations, let’s make 2018 great! #GameOn

I am glad 2017 is over.
In the past year I've seen things like so called friends turn into backstabbers, and do some dastardly things to me. What can we do as humans? move on and learn from the experience.

I have a lot going on these days, between the Pocket mimic podcast, the World of Arkonis actual play podcast, the Classic Faserip podcast and all the shows I run as a producer, I can't focus on the negative.

2018 is going to be a year of ignoring assholes and focus more on gaming with friends and family.

Loving the future I see, God bless everyone and those that don't believe in God, good luck and fortune to you in your life!

Let's get down to gaming.

First things on my agenda is creating some custom 5e weapons for my group.

So far I have:
  • Rafu's Blinding Justice Katana for my Samurai Player
  • Vianna's Shining Light for the Cleric player
  • Need one for a Druid.
  • Need one for a vanilla fighter.

One thought on “Random 2017 observations, let’s make 2018 great! #GameOn

  1. Vince,
    Happy New Years to you as well. Glad to see that you aren’t letting those who are a complete waste of your time get to you. Sorry you had to deal with those types, but we all do. Just know that you probably have more friends online that you didn’t know than those you do know. Regardless how it turned out, your still better for it. O.K. enough of that, I was wondering about inter mixing different platforms together. Say, maybe a Ravenloft in a Oriental Adventures-type world. Have you ever done such a thing, if so, any comments might be helpful here. Thanks again for the help.
    DM Loyd (Loyal Fan)

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